Sunday, 16 September 2007

You Can Make It Through the Rain - with God!

Greetings to the people of the Virtual Realm,

It is commonplace that all of us as human beings go through trials and sufferings. All of a sudden, we are thrown into the storms of life's worst and find ourselve in the midst of tidal waves and tornadoes that is ripping us apart. But you see, there is a reason why such things happen to us. When we are innundated with trials, we question about the existence of a higher being, supreme and sovereign. We soon realise the closer we draw to Him, the easier ordeals seem to be! Life may throw its worst at us and yet we find peace and joy in Him, who being very God love us so much that he died for us once and for all, some two thousand years ago. There is none like Him! Draw near to God and experience His joy and forgiveness. May the Lord be with you all! I have yet again posted a song which speaks about going through life's ordeal or "rain" bravely. Listen to it with a new understanding in your hearts. You can go "through the rain" with God by your side. Au revoir!

God bless!

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