Thursday, 11 October 2007

What A Week!

Greetings to all the people of the Virtual Realm,

I was sick- sick unto death! Ever since I was drenched by the tears of heaven, sickness came unto me. Every morning, at the crack of dawn, fever befell me only to be tethered with a nasty cold. Every fibre of my body ached and it still is. Powerless I have become. Powerless I say! My mind has lost its ability to think straight. And to make matters worse, another ill fate befell me today. Sore throat! My throat hurts! How difficult it is to talk! I feel like someone has put a lock around my neck. However, fortunate am I, for the next four days are a holiday! Por fin! The long awaited days of rest! Namarie!

God Bless!

1 comment:

ron said...

hehe. i pity you. i got to admit though, it was nice to see u unable to think. for once! hope, ur better now. see ya soon. PS: NO EYE ROLLING AT MY ENGLISH.