Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Race-Baseless Politics

This post can be considered as a rebuttal to former premier Tun Dr Mathathir's remarks on the necessity of race-based politics and parties even to this day.

He is wrong to say that race-based politics is still relevant today. Why or how would it be relevant? Isn't the first challange set by Mahathir for Malaysia's Vision 2020 is to create a united Malaysia and one Bangsa Malaysia (one Malaysian Race)? Then how could race-based politics be still relevant? I still don't quite get it.

And what about that rant that a non-Malay can become a Prime Minister? Has it ever happened in Malaysia? The law stipulates that the leader of the winning party will be nominated and subsequently elected as the Prime Minister.

As we all know, only one party leads the National Front and defitinely no non-Malay can come out of that party since there aren't any non-Malays at all!

Tun, I think you are wrong in your assertations. But then again, you are entitled to your views just as I am entitled to mine.

But this I have to say: Malaysia is ready for the abolishment of race-based politics and parties and form a new system, a form of politics that is of the people, for the people and by the people.

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