Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Us Once More

The entity of life
Within me
Yearns for thee
I think of naught
But thou
The endeavours I involve myself in
Seem futile
Futile and in vain
Why should I participate in such futility
When I can linger in time
With thy thought, thy face
Illuminating my path
A serene music awakens within me
A tingle,
Do I feel
The Passage of Time
Seems like the perusing of the books of the world
I grow not faint nor weary
To others
The wait may appear an encumbrance
But for me
My pursuit has ended
I am mistaken
It had just begun
And so it is with you
Let us then, my love, my friend
With no care in our minds
But only with the zest of youth
Tread this thoroughfare
So beautiful before us
And find each other
Once more.

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