Friday, 24 October 2008

Euphoric at Euphoria




The list of words describing my experience at Euphoria yesterday night can go on and on. Yesterday was my first time going to a club and apparently the best club in KL according to a friend of mine. I have to agree that the place was awesome. The environment was just the way I hoped it to be: cosy, smoke free and a little gloomy.

The best part of it was that the entrance was free.

The group of us went to the dance-floor around 10.30 and waited for the music to start. And when it started, all of us began moving our bodies. I was a little hesitant initially. But after having an alcoholic beverage (Long Island Tea), that's when the party kicked off for me! I danced and danced.

Too bad I didn't manage to get myself acquainted with any hot chics. But anyway, yesterday was too familiarise myself with the clubbing groove and just dance to de-stress myself. But the next time I'm going, I will be looking out for the babes. Look out ladies!

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