Monday, 20 October 2008

Second-Hand Smoking Relived

Statistics shows that for every four cigarettes a smoker smokes, a non-smoker has smoked one.

But what I went through the other day, I felt like I was smoking four cigarettes when the guy was smoking only one!

I arrived early in college the other day. So the Media Hub (a computer lab sort of place) was not open yet. I decided to sit on the staircase and wait until they open the Hub. This was where the ordeal began. Well, the man was already smoking when I sat on the steps but he should have at least had the courtesy to leave the place once I was there.
As I was reading The Sun newspaper, he took puff after puff that I felt like I was in one of those smokers' room at airports. For nearly ten minutes or so he smoked. And when he was done, I ended up having a headache.

Smokers out there. You should be more attentive to the people around you. If you want to kill yourselves, you have all the right. But don't take our lives as well.

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