Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Uncalled for Behaviour: Desecration of the Elected Representatives

About a few weeks ago, just a few days before the Muslims celebrated Aidilfitri, a banner depicting YB Teresa Kok (Member of the Selangor State Assembly for Kinrara) and YB Gobind Singh (Member of Parliament for Puchong) wishing all the Muslim residence in Puchong was hung in my housing area (Taman Mawar Kinrara Section 5). Since it was put up, I was waiting to see if there'd be any vandalism attack on the banner. Aidilfitri came and went peacefully and nothing was done to the banner. I was wrong.

About a week ago, another banner depicting the YBs was hung, adjacent to the existing one. This time, it was meant for the Indian community who would be celebrating the festival of lights, Deepavali. I did not speculate or anticipate anything to happen to the banner.

But I was wrong.

Today morning, when I was going to the bank, I glanced out of my father's car and saw the horrific scene. Both the faces of the YBs in both the banners were mutilated with black-coloured spray. The face of Teresa Kok, especially, was completely blackened!

I am much ashamed of this occurrence. One should not resort to vandalism to express one's dissatisfaction or rage. Write a letter or visit the YBs and tell them of what you think of them. You have the rights to do that. But not this. This is unwarranted.

I am appalled by this behaviour.

I am disgusted of the person/s who did such a shameful thing.

On their behalf, please accept my apologies YBs. Some people are still living in caves.

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