Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Forbidden Fruit Dilemma

The very first dilemma in the Holy Bible is when Eve was tempted by the serpent (the Devil) to eat of the fruit which was forbidden by God. After the creation of the world and man, God gave the charge to Adam and Eve to be the caretakers of this world. He gave them dominion over everything but forbade them from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We all know how the events progressed.

The conclusion that I can draw from this account is that when something is forbidden or restricted, that is when we want it more. The impulse to possess it becomes too severe that it can propagate someone to resort to evil manners.

I, for one, am not in agreement with such endeavours. However, my liking for something that is forbidden is making me have second thoughts. Should I or should I not? This dilemma within me is murder. I so want - well, want is to greedy a word. So, I shall say, desire - to be with this forbidden entity that I really do not know what to do. My circle of counsel have differing opinions. Some have strictly admonished me from resorting to evil means while some have said such measures may be beneficial.

You may think I am being dramatic -no ... melodramatic! - but I am not. I understand what I am going through. I know whereof I speak.

Maybe I shall not pluck the "forbidden fruit" but use a stick and poke around the branches in the hope that the fruit shall drop and come tumbling to me.

Whatever it is ... I really don't know what to say.

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