Saturday, 18 October 2008

Yasmin Ahmad - The Let Down

Today was supposed to be a great and wonderful day. It was supposed to be a historical day for me. It was the day I was supposed to meet the much acclaimed Malaysia director and dubbed to be a woman of the new wave, Yasmin Ahmad.

To give you all a little background. Today was the Taylor's School of Communication Media Carnival 2008, the first of its kind in Taylor's College Petaling Jaya. The theme chosen for this auspicious event was Media Freedom. So, during the first session, there was supposed to be a dialogue session between the four of us (Michelle T, Michelle C, Tash and me) and Yasmin on this particular topic and the second session was supposed to be another dialogue session between four other students and three people from the industry (Christine Ooi, DJ Hisham and Andrew Nato).

Unfortunately, Miss Yasmin couldn't make it on time so we had to kick-start the dialogue session with the second slot. It went terrifically well. The reason for her delay was that she was bringing a group of actors with her. Then came the second reason. Her car broke down in Sungai Buloh and now she was apparently waiting for her husband to pick her up. Lunch time came and went. The events of the day unfolded (awesome band performances) and still there was no sign of her. That was the final straw. When it was 4.40 p.m. I just left my college.

I am very disappointed with Yasmin because all four of us had put much energy, soul and time in preparing our questions and stuff. We were all eagerly awaiting to see this director who had made fantastic films. But we didn't expect this to happen. I really don't know what to say. A lot of people turned up to actually see her but they were disappointed too.

I really feel sorry for the team that organised this event and my lecturers.

Yasmin Ahmad ... I am much disappointed with you.


ronnie said...

Sigh..that really is a let down. Such an important person who was scheduled to come for the event, should have taken precautionary matters to avoid any delays. Don stress over though, when you become a journalist, maybe you'll get to interview her and grill her about this :P

woobee said...

sorry to hear about that, dinesh. not a very good role model. well in terms of being punctual that is. and u know what, i think she should make it up to all 4 of u. tell me if she does yea. oh btw, i totally agree with ron about da 'grill' jiggy. make sure u grill to da perfection ;p